Put our customers first and listening to them

KINAY FRUIT is a dedicated & flexible team.

We put our customers first. Listening to them is our priority.

By respecting their requirements and keeping them informed of developments in various markets, we can offer our customers personalized services that meet their needs.

Purchases / Sales

With solid ties to factories and producers all over the world, our sales team offers a direct, reliable and immediate access to local market information, supporting customers in establishing informed purchasing strategies.

For any questions, please contact us.


Our mission: an unwavering commitment to our customer’s needs.

Food safety is guaranteed by respecting European regulations and customer requirements (specifications, technical sheets, certificates of analysis).

A team of trained and specialized quality engineers ensures compliance with both industry standards and our commitments through strict control plans, full traceability.

Import & Storage

KINAY FRUIT imports and establishes all customs clearance related formalities, complying with local and international laws as well as all aspects of transportation: a real know-how!

Our products are stored in various warehouses in Europe, enabling quick deliveries to our customers’ production sites. Each warehouse complies with strict agri-food standards and is certified for handling organic products.


We support you throughout the supply chain.
This requires a good knowledge of your needs, compliance with your requirements and your specifications.

Thanks to a keen sense of customer service and its responsiveness, our logistics team does everything possible to meet your needs, your tight deadlines, and provide you with solutions.


A guaranteed price throughout your contract

Our financial department controls the exchange risk providing you a stable price in your local currency.

.. and the financing of raw materials

Our goods are stored near your production sites, you order the quantities you need * for your production, and thus manage your cash flow.

*minimums applicable depending on the product.